Pilot Services

Skilled manpower is essential for the aviation industry, as it affects service delivery and customer satisfaction levels. A primary service provider for an aviation company is the pilot, who flies the aircraft from one destination to another. Aviation companies need to undertake various activities related to pilots to ensure smooth service delivery to the end customer. Expert Aviation is equipped to provide these pilot services, so that our clients can focus on the core business of expanding the aviation business. Some of these pilot services are- pilot recruitments, compliance to regulatory norms and standards, trip support, aircraft delivery, pre-purchase inspections, aircraft ferry, owner pilot instructional flights, customer demonstration flights, safety pilot and post maintenance check flights.

Pilot Recruitments

Hiring the appropriate talent for the pilot position is an important task for an airline company. We provide recruitment outsourcing services at Expert Aviation, with our experienced and well trained professionals.

Regulatory Compliances

Aviation authorities (FAA) have various legal norms and statutory regulations which need to be followed by every aviation company, whether in the public or private sector. At Expert Aviation, we ensure these compliances are met through thorough record keeping and checking of client records.

Trip Support

For every flight that a pilot undertakes, he requires constant support from ground staff for directions, and real time information that could affect air routes. We provide this trip support function under our pilot services and provide services like navigation log making, flight plan detailing, fuel and handling record keeping, real time route networking, coordination for flight takeoffs and landings etc.

Aircraft delivery and ferry

When an aircraft is newly manufactured and shipped for the first time to the customer, the process is known as ‘aircraft delivery’. Ferry flying is the flying of an airplane so that it returns to its designated base. Very often, pilots are too swamped to undertake these activities. At Expert Aviation, we have trained pilots hired for these functions.

Pre purchase inspections

Aircraft inspection and verification is an important task before the final purchase or lease of the vehicle. This is because it is a huge capital investment or expenditure for a company, and future operational costs are affected by the quality of the airplane. We provide quality checks and pre-purchase inspection services for our aviation clients.

Owner pilot instructional flights

Owners of private jets are high net worth individuals who require the appropriate training for flying these planes. We also provide instructional service flights for such individuals.

Customer demonstration flights

Aircraft manufacturers also require demo pilots for the purpose of giving demonstration flights to potential buyers. We provide trained pilots to manufacturers of airplane companies, for this purpose. They are well versed with the latest technologies regarding flight operations.

Post maintenance check flights

Every airplane undergoes a series of ground checks before takeoff. Periodical maintenance check flights are also undertaken to ensure the airplane’s safety while flying. These are an addition to the routine ground checks done by ground staff. We provide the manpower and dedicate time for these vital maintenance check flights for our clients.

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