Aircraft Management

At Expert Aviation, our goal is to insulate you from the routine details associated with operating an aircraft. We offer a wide variety of aviation services to fit your needs. We enable a turn key service by accomplishing all the day-to-day items necessary to maintain your asset impeccably.

Aircraft Management

Every aviation company has to deal with the day to day operations of maintenance of aircraft. This is a tedious and cumbersome process, and requires a lot of attention to detail, internal coordination, constant communication with other departments etc. A key area of operations for any player in the aviation industry, aircraft management is a crucial area for optimization of profits. We specialize in carefully attending to minute details of aircraft management for our clients. An operational area in nature, aircraft management is necessary to focus on for better customer delight, increased profits and beating the competition. There are various areas that we focus on such as- asset management, costing management, supply chain management, quality control checks, research and development, and allied support services.

Asset Management

Purchasing and/ or leasing an aircraft is a key capital expenditure that aviation companies have to undertake for the business. As this is a big ticket expense, preservation of the life and quality of the aircraft becomes very essential to optimize profitability. Asset management entails the life cycle maintenance by physical and technical assessment of the assets from time to time. With periodic maintenance, the assets attain a longer life, and also provide the best value for their purchase cost.

Cost Management

Costs in the aviation sector are varied to a great extent. Some costs are identified and can be controlled by efficiency in operations. Examples of such costs are- staff costs, skilled labor, purchase costs, technical costs etc. Other costs are fairly external and in less control of the owners and managers of aviation companies like fuel costs, aircraft leasing costs and airport gate bidding costs. We also provide reliable cost solutions to our clients with innovative ways to reduce overall costs and maximize profits.

Supply Chain Management

Inventory storage and management is an essential cog in the wheel for efficient operations of any airline company. Developing an accurate flow for purchase, dispatch and final usage of inventory is what we specialize in our supply chain management services for our clients. With automation, there is scope for improving olden methods of inventory records, and we help clients to make this change with our software and SCM team.

Quality Management

Maintenance of a standard quality is important, in the aviation industry. Every country prescribes quality norms which are mandatory to be followed by aircraft companies. Failure to abide by these norms would attract penalties and negative public relations for the company concerned. At Expert Aviation, we specialize in ensuring compliance with quality and safety norms on behalf of clients.

Maintenance Services

With our experience in the industry, we provide consultancy services to clients to improve overall maintenance of aircraft. This includes regular monitoring of the airplanes, scheduling of repairs and emergency maintenance services, etc. Regular maintenance of the aircraft is vital to prevent huge costs of repair or replacement in the future. This is a key operational area in which Expert Aviation specializes in. This is also an area which can be effectively used to beat competitors in the same industry.

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