Aviation Consulting

Expert Aviation also provides aviation consulting services for its clients. With a strong background and experience in the aviation industry of more than two decades, we have a dedicated support team to handle these consultancy service requests for our clients. Aviation consultancy is a complex field as it has to deal with real time changes in regulations, handle back end compliances along with maintaining position compared to stiff competition.

Our services under aviation consulting include the following- aircraft acquisition, handling crew quality, industry norms consultancy, regulatory compliance handling, strategic consultancy, costing and sourcing advice, marketing campaign management and training and development design.

Aircraft Acquisition

We at Expert Aviation are skilled to handle aircraft selection and acquisition requests for our clients. Our team handles each request diligently, and will work with all parties throughout the entire purchase process.

Crew Training Management

A trained and skilled air crew is essential for any airplane operator for quality operations and customer satisfaction. We also undertake training and development programs for the air crew of our clients. By providing consulting services on the latest certifications and allied training material we aim for the optimum development of our clients’ crew and staff.

Industry Norms

A significant part of aviation consulting is to identify and understand the various industry norms applicable on the core business. These norms are widely varied and can be from various sectors like manufacturing norms, pricing norms, safety norms, recruitment norms etc. Some rules can have an indirect impact such as customer management ethics, which need to be taken care of by every operator. We help our clients manage these norms and regulations for optimum and quality performance delivery.

Regulatory Compliances

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) routinely undertake regulatory checks on operators. Due diligence and compliances by aviation companies is essential to avoid future legal hassles and operational complications. At Expert Aviation, we are well versed with the norms and regulations.

Strategic Consultancy services

We also provide a host of strategic consultancy services such as in the areas of costing of services, purchase handling, aircraft upgrades and modifications, branding and public relations consulting, strategy formulation to counter competition etc.

Marketing management

As we have a fair degree of knowledge and experience in the field of aviation, we also aid our clients to design a lasting and impactful marketing campaign to promote their respective companies. The aviation industry is fairly competitive and we realize the importance of a well drafted marketing plan to secure customers for the long run. Our experts are well equipped to handle this challenge.

General assistance

Apart from the above functions, we also provide general consulting services to assist clients in other areas of operations and internal management. For example- repairs and maintenance consulting, crew management, accident recovery planning, as well as public relations management.

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